Let KidZ Talk Podcast

The mission of the Let KidZ Talk Podcast (LKT) is to provide a safe platform where Gen Z tweens & teens can confidently share their vision, insight and opinion about the amazing and complex world they live in, by promoting, nurturing, and empowering their impressive and refreshing KidZ voices.

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Upcoming Themes:

  • Tell us about one of your Black Heroes
  • Your year in Covid
  • Tell us about a woman who inspires you

Please email us if you would like to be a part of the podcast LetKidZTalk@gmail.com

Production Team

Host – Glo & Deshawn * Music – Hannah Sage * Producer – Debbie

Meet the Producer

Debbie From is an award-winning storyteller, teacher, writer, radio producer and former host to three radio shows; Indie Women Music, The Flying Cow Family Hour and Story Corner.

Debbie co-created Let KidZ Talk (LKT) with her three KidZ because she is passionate about hearing from one of the most underrepresented demographics in radio (10-17-year-olds). This group will soon be voting and making decisions in our communities and she believes it is important to provide a platform that nurtures and empowers young people to use their voices to talk about issues that affect them but also encourage adults to listen. Debbie serves as the producer of LKT with the hopes of teaching young people to take over production roles and for her to eventually serve only as a consultant.

Debbie’s storytelling engagements and workshops have brought her to countless venues across the US, in a variety of settings (festivals, schools, libraries, places of worship), in front of audiences of all ages and one truth remains universal… Everybody enjoys listening to a good story!

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