Top Dog


Troy Martin, Bob Prim, Debora From, Anthony Vinson, Mo Culberson, Alison Paul, Katie Jordan, Cynthia Rintye & Tricia Stearns

We raised funds and collected several bags of dog and cat food!

Thank You to our sponsors, Manuel’s Tavern & Park Pet Supply, to all of the fabulous artists (storytellers, musicians and our sound guy) and especially to those of you who came out to support LIVE STORYTELLING & PAWS Atlanta.

It was a lovely event 🙂

IMG_5012.JPGMusic by Shaky Willow (Adley, Preston, MaKale, Sadie & Eli)

img_5017.jpgVictoria Park from Park Pet Supply and Alan

img_5020-e1518219901613.jpgSuzie Sloan (PAWS Atlanta) & Debora From (Give a Folk) with several bags of donated dog and cat food and a money order!