Food for Thought


Denise Mount, Tricia Stearns, Tiffany Courtney, Chetter Galloway, Lori Bean, Debora From, Soniah Kamal, Melanie Knauff, Heather Tolley-Bauer, Pamela Wright & Tracy Sue Walker

We raised funds AND collected 80 pounds of non-perishable food! Which translates into 2907 meals provided!!

Thank You to our sponsors, Manuel’s Tavern & Georgia Jams, to all of the fabulous artists (storytellers, musicians and our sound guy) and especially to those of you who came out to support LIVE STORYTELLING & the ATLANTA COMMUNITY FOOD BANK! It was a lovely event 🙂


Music by Pick & Bow (Hannah, Etowah, Selu & Eli)


Myke Johns (Sound Guy Extraordinaire)


Lan Huynh (Atlanta Community Food Bank) & Debora From (Give a Folk) with 80 lbs of donated non-perishable food and a money order!